Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions for using this site. If you do not agree with terms and condition, please do not use this site.

1. Mahavir Hospital makes no commitment to update or correct any Information that appears on the Internet or on this web site.
2. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as a recommendation to use any service, product, process, equipment or formulation, in conflict with any patent, or otherwise and Mahavir Hospital makes no representation or warranty, express or implied that, the use thereof will not infringe any patent, or otherwise.
3. Medical records generated electronically are provided only for convenience. These may not be complete and are subject to updates. You are requested to kindly collect the signed copy of the final reports from Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre. Please note that these medical records are not a substitute for a medical advice / opinion.
4. Changes in the Privacy Policy - We reserve the right to amend our privacy / security policy and make the new provisions effective for all information we maintain from time to time. The revised policy will be posted in our facilities and offices, and will be available while obtaining the treatment from our hospital directly. Your use of our website shall comprise of acceptance of any changes of this Privacy and SecurityPolicy.
5. Please do not rely on electronic communications for assistance in regard to your immediate, urgent medical needs. Our website is not designed to facilitate medical emergencies. Mahavir hospital cannot guarantee response times if you choose to use our website in the event of a medical emergency.
6. We may use and disclose health information to reach you about appointments and other matters. We may contact you by telephone or email.
7. We do not extend the security and privacy policy to any other websites except for this website. We do not make any warranty or give any security to the personal information disclosed by you to the other websites, even if such websites are linked to our website or they are using our website link.
8. Should you have questions about this Privacy Policy or Mahavir Hospital’s information collection, use and disclosure practices, you may contact us at hemangpalwala@mahavirhospital.com. We will use reasonable efforts to respond promptly to any requests, questions or concerns, which you may have regarding our use of your personal information.