Cardiology, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery

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The Cardiac Institute is housed in a Nine-floor super-structure. The physical facilities consists of wards, 18 beds Coronary Medical Intensive Care, 9 beds Post- Surgical Intensive Care, two state of the art cardiac operation theaters, two modern catheterization labs, fully automated 24 hours Pathology services, Radiology Services with CT Scan, 4 beds Emergency Department, OPD services etc.

The core services are ably supported by the Central Sterile supply department (CSSD), 24 hours Pharmacy, Cardiac Ambulance services, Bio-Medical Department, In-House kitchen, Catering Services, Cafeteria services round the clock Security, IT Department, residence facilities for nurses, doctors and other vital staff etc.

Apart from the quality physical facilities provided, the management's aim to achieve quality and affordable cardiac services to the people is evidenced by having medical professionals of high caliber and technical skills; the administration too is run by hospital administration professionals, the departments are manned with teams of qualified, experienced and highly motivated nurses and other technical staff. Being a super speciality medical service, the cost of running and maintaining such a service is tremendously high. But the management has structured the rates of services in such a manner that it is very affordable even to the common man; and also there is on going charity to further needy patients by the generous donors and doctors.