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  1. To receive medical services without discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation and disability.
  2. To receive timely & emergency care at hospital regardless of one's ability to pay.
  3. To be well informed about illness, treatment, outcomes & cost in his own language.
  4. To courteous & professional services in a timely manner from all hospital personnel.
  5. To obtain information regarding scope of services, consultant's name and room charges as per his financial condition.
  6. To refuse treatment and DAMA. (Discharge Against Medical Advice)
  7. To have two visitors pass, one of them will stay with the patient and other to the visitors.
  8. To peaceful, safe, clean, properly ventilated & lighted environment required for speedy recovery.
  9. To get nutritious & healthy diet as ordered by his consultant without any outside food.
  10. To get diet education for preventive health care.
  11. To get privacy & confidentiality of his health information & to receive copy for his/her medical record after paying nominal charges in MLC cases.
  12. To report & complain about any hospital employee & consultant for unprofessional conduct.
  13. To get copy of (Discharge card & follow up care) summary.


  1. To obey all hospital rules and regulations.
  2. To report a complete medical history and information pertaining to his health.
  3. For the actions, if he refuses any treatment or do not follow physician's orders.
  4. To decide billing class chosen on admission as per the financial affordability and assure that the financial bills of hospital care are paid on day to day basis.
  5. Not to bring any outside food without prior authorization, only Jain food is served in this hospital.
  6. In all accidental cases, hospital decides MLC status. Patient will not receive original film of CT-Scan, MRI, X-Ray and Sonography.
  7. To follow the treatment plan recommended by his consultant.
  8. Discharge may take a minimum of 3 hrs, patient co-operation is necessary.


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