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(>5 & <14 yrs)
Adult Basic plan
(> 15 & < 58 yrs)
Adult Special plan
(> 15 & < 58 yrs)
Adult Executive plan
(> 15 & < 58 yrs)
Senior Citizen plan
( > 58yrs)

Cardiac Silver Package
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Cardiac Gold Package

Guidelines for Preventive Health and Wellness Program at Mahavir hospital

Please go through the following set of instructions. Your well-being is paramount to us.

  • 1. Carry all your previous medical reports and records.
  • 2. The plastic containers given to you must contain your morning urine and stool samples. Kindly collect the urine sample, discarded in the first and last portions.
  • 3. Before coming for the check-up, a patient needs to do an overnight fast. Please avoid eating oily and greasy stuff and more specifically alcohol on the day prior to your check-up. Take the regular dinner – neither too much nor too little.
  • 4. Kindly do not eat tea/coffee/biscuits in the morning on the day of your check-up program. You can take plain water before coming to the hospital. You will be required to hold urine to have a full bladder before your ultrasound test.
  • 5. If you are taking any prescribed medicine, say for blood pressure or epilepsy, consume them on time.
  • 6. If you happen to be a diabetic patient, kindly don’t consume your morning dose of insulin and prescribed medicines before coming for check-up. You are required to carry them along with you and consume them with the breakfast served in the hospital.
  • 7. Avoid wearing any kind of ornaments on the day of check-up. Avoid having other valuables on your person or temporarily keep them with your attendant who accompanies you.
  • 8. Avoid smoking on the day of your check-up until all medical examinations are over.
  • 9. If you happen to wear contact lenses, preferably replace them with glasses on that day
  • 10. Avoid application of creams, oil and talcum powder on your chest before coming for the check-up program.
  • 11. After coming to the hospital, you’ll be given a comfortable dress to wear in the hospital.
  • 12. Wear a comfortable foot wear like sport shoes / sneakers on that day.
  • 13. On the day of your check-up, you are likely to spend around 4 to 5 hours in the hospital, although all efforts will be made to expedite the whole process. Be relaxed and mentally prepared for that.
  • 14. After the completion of all the tests, a follow up meeting will be arranged with an Internal Medicine Consultant. He will give you the professional advice based on the results of the health check up and he will advice necessary follow ups.
  • 15. For detail eye examination, it is possible that eye drops may be poured into your eyes and you find temporary blurring of vision after that.
  • 16. If you are pregnant or lactating, please do inform the same at the initial meeting itself
  • 17. Group discount of 10 % can be availed, if 10 or more than 10 persons book together. This discount is not applicable to Senior Citizen Plan since special discount has already been given.
  • 18. Cardiac Packages will be attended to and regulated by Sh. B.D.Mehta Cardiac Hospital
  • 19. All persons coming for this program will be provided Break fast and Lunch at the hospital
  • 20. All persons are advised to come overnight fasting and to hold urine before coming