Mahavir Nursing Hospital

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A Hospital-based nursing program allows students to have patient contact at the hospital while learning nursing skills in the classroom. Typically, the classroom portion of a program takes place in conjunction with a nearby college or university, and the hospital provides the clinical coursework.

The core services are ably supported by the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), 24 hours Pharmacy, Cardiac Ambulance services, Bio-Medical Department, In-House kitchen, Catering Services, Cafeteria services round the clock Security, IT Department, residence facilities for nurses, Doctors and other vital staff etc.

Some programs also allow students to gain experience in different areas of nursing, such as pediatric, surgical, and psychiatric nursing. Hospital-based programs teach students to function as part of a medical team and give nursing care to a diverse population of patients. Depending on the program, some students may earn both an associate degree from the school and a diploma in nursing from the hospital. Students take a range of classes in different areas of science, including chemistry, biology, and anatomy. Other topics covered in a program include:

program include


Medical terminology

Adult nursing care

Psychiatric nursing

Medical-surgical nursing

Pediatric nursing care