Pain Clinic

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What is Pain Clinic?

Continual advances in Medicine, Surgery and Anesthesia increasing our life expectancy as well as putting us at increasing risk for the development of Chronic pain secondary to trauma, cancer and old age itself. Severe chronic pain is now a massive medical, economic and social problem.

This has led to the evolution of PAIN CLINIC's over the years where innovative technologies and novel drug delivery systems have been tried to bring freedom from pain.

Pain Management is a new specialty of Medicine, recognized as 34th specialty of medicine in USA. There is lots of advancement in this branch of Medicine and new modalities of pain management have evolved along with many conventional methods.

Pain physicians are devoted to managing acute and chronic pain conditions which needs an in-depth understanding and knowledge of evaluating a pain patient, appropriate assessment and quantification of pain and judicious selection of treatment modalities.

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Non-Surgical management of acute and chronic pain through various modalities like

Drug Therapy

Image guided nerve blocks for

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Cancer Pain