Lab Medicine

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Lab Medicine (also called “Clinical Pathology” by some) is a specialty in which pathologists provide testing of patient samples (usually blood or urine) in several different areas. One example of a test performed in the Clinical Chemistry lab is the determination of the level of enzymes in blood to see if a patient has had a heart attack or the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood of a patient with diabetes. In the Microbiology lab, the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms can be detected and information on treating them can be obtained. If you have ever had a “blood test” it was probably sent to Hematology, where blood cells are studied and diseases such as anemia are diagnosed.

Pathology department was established in 1999 with the prime objective of providing cost effective, error free clinical laboratory services of International Standards to the people of South Gujarat.

'Quality' has been the strongest pillar in the success story of Laboratory. Well equipped fully computerized Laboratory with recent updates in Instruments & Reporting system with two MD Consultant available Full time.

Departments Like -

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    Clinical Pathology & Biochemistry & Special tests.


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Hematology Services : with fully Automated Aysmex Cell Counter, Automated ESR Analyzer, Automated Coagulometer (Diagnostica Stago) for coagulation tests

Biochemistry :

  • Fully automated biochemistry analyzer (EM 200, transasia)
  • Electrolyte analyzer (direct ISE)
  • Blood gas analyzer (instrumentation laboratory, USA)
  • Fully automated HPLC machine – D10 BIORAD, USA for HBa1c estimation

Immunology : Immunoassay by ELFA technique – Minividas, Biomeriux (France)

Histopathology & Cytopathology Services : Testing of biopsy specimens, FNAC’s, Fluid
Cytopathological Examinations, PAP Smear Cytology

Clinical Pathology : Urine, Stool, CSF, & other body fluid examinations, automated urine

Microbiology Department :

  • Bacteriology section - equipped with fully automated blood & fluid culture system Bact T Alert Biomeriux
  • Electrolyte analyzer (direct ISE)
  • Fully automated Vitek II compact system for identification & antibiotic sensitivity
  • Serology Lab – with ELISA system

Transfusion Medicine Services : 24 hrs blood bank